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phot. Website INHOLLAND

01 February 2010   |  0 COMMENTS   |  Case Study

For the last couple of months I have been working on a website for the students of the Communication stream of INHOLLAND Diemen/Amsterdam. The school wanted a online platform for the students where they could show their work. We started out with a team that made video interviews. They interviewed other students and teachers about what they thought about the school and what they did after school.

After all the interviews where on camera, it was my job to edit them. That was so much fun! It took me some time to finish them, but some of the video's where hilarious. In the meantime it was time to design the website. I gathered with the man in charge and I drew the website for him. When we were satisfied with the result, I got to work.

Description The home page for View large

The first thing I did was design the website in Photoshop. I thought it would be fun to use a pen as navigation bar and to have a picture of the school in the first screen. I recently heard that someone actually tried to click on the picture to enter the site. So that's something I have to work on ;)! When the drawing part was done I gathered again with the team leader and we discussed how the site looked so far. When all the last chances where made, I got to the developing part.

For my web developing I like to use a program named Coda. I like it because the program has a browser like function and you can write the code very fast. It helps you writing clean code and I find it not as buggy as Dreamweaver is. But enough about that. Back to the case study. Every time I'd finished a page I published the page behind my site the team and the team leader to look at it and to give me feedback on it. This way I can chance things fast and simple before the site is actually up. When the site was finished I could publish it to its own domain. I found that IE gave me a hard time. The debugging part had officially begun.

Now that the site is running smoothly it is starting to grow. People have taken interest in the site and there are plans about making an english version for the international students. In the future the site will become a facebook-like network and the students will then be able to make their own profile to publish their work they made for school projects. And we are working hard to make this plan come true. 

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