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Building websites has become my core business. I get a lot of requests and I really love seeing a site come together from start till finish. To show you some examples I've got a couple of project results right here for you.

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I made the student-website for Hogeschool INHOLLAND in Amsterdam, Diemen.
The website for La Maison Pibou, a rental house in France.
The website for my parents their caravan park.
A website for a Videographer from Haarlem, The Netherlands.
Site for a Concrete Company.
Site for a crossmedia event.
Template #1
A template for
Dove Your Mind
Another school project.
The website for a school project.
Kloosterhuis Advisors
The website for Kloosterhuis Adviseurs.
Site for a gardener from the Netherlands.
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Photoshop Gallery

11 images   |  26 January 2010   |  Photoshop Gallery

In this gallery you'll find my random Photoshop work. They may vary from pacific art types to personal experiments. Since these works belong to a personal gallery, I made them to practice a couple of different techniques.

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Typography Gallery

10 images   |  26 January 2010   |  Typographic Illustrations

This is my Typography Gallery. I find typography very inspiring. For me it was the first logic step towards logo design. (Which gallery will be up soon.) I haven't got that many typographic artworks, but some of them I will display here.

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